About us

Perhaps one of the truest ways of identifying a passionate artist, be it of any form is through the sparkle in his eyes. Passion lights up one’s eyes; it carries on to light up another pair of eyes too- Yours-The Viewer’s.

Jatin Patel, a poet of visuals, commonly identified by us as a photographer, releases a rich variety of flavours through his portraits and photographs. Curiosity and interest have been a part of his Bag packing Trails since his days at the hostel. The mango tree adventures on campus also offered much more in observation and insight than the mere sweetness of the fruit…

Curiosity had become this explorer’s second nature. This opened up a thirst for new adventures, experiences, people, collecting of miscellaneous objects and making them friends instantly.

  • Jatin is a firm believer of two philosophies:
  • Nature cannot be repeated.
  • Moments can only be captured in their unadulterated pure forms.
  • Having the highest respect for nature, Jatin has always put it before his Art.

Jatin is a seeker, looking to break the conventional patterns of two dimensional photography, which is restricted to wall art. His aim is to convert it into vibrant 3d interactions. With his special language of light and unique understanding of emotions, he focuses on two abstracts which fascinate him the most.

Reflection and Motion travel with him, his perceptions, helping him to immediately visualize a frame/composition into fluid layers arranging, rearranging themselves to fit his vast vision.

His tryst with a new presentation style of the conventional photograph we have seen in the roll, digital, HD formats is moving towards a whole new path breaking era for Photography; the 3d installations.

Sometimes it is important to lose yourself to find what you are looking for. Jatin has been through his tunnel and has found for himself a new light…